Rent a Car Johar Town

Rent a Car Johar Town Lahore
Rent a Car Johar Town Lahore

Are you looking to rent a car in Johar Town, Lahore? Royal Motors rents cars and offers the best services. It is located in the heart of Johar Town. Customers can choose according to their needs.
Moreover, Royal Motors ensures an easy rental process for its clients. However, the rates are competitive, catering to different budgets. Booking a car is simple and efficient, making it easy for everyone.
Furthermore, the staff is friendly and professional, offering assistance whenever needed. Rent a car in Johar Town Lahore with Royal Motors for a reliable and safe experience. Whether for business or leisure, we have options to suit every occasion. Explore Lahore’s vibrant streets at your own pace. Additionally, the company prioritizes customer satisfaction, striving to exceed expectations. In conclusion, consider Royal Motors for quality car rental services in Johar Town.

Book a Rental Car in Johar Town with a Driver

Rent a car with a driver in Johar Town from Royal Motors. We offer the best car rental services in your area. Our fleet includes models such as Toyota Prado, Land Cruiser, Audi, Fortuner, Corolla, Civic, BRV, Coaster, and Hiace. Moreover, booking a car with a driver is simple and efficient with Royal Motors. Whether for business or travel, as per needs. However, rates are competitive, ensuring affordability for all customers. Rent a car with driver Johar Town and enjoy a great experience.
Additionally, professional staff provides assistance whenever needed. With a focus on exceeding hopes, Royal Motors ensures an easy rental process. Book a rental car with a driver in Johar Town for availability and reliability. We have you covered, whether it’s a short trip or a long journey. In conclusion, for quality car rental services with a driver in Johar Town, choose Royal Motors for a memorable experience.

Affordable Rent a Car Johar Town Rates

Discover affordable rent a car rates in Johar Town. Our competitive pricing ensures budget-friendly options for all customers. With a range of vehicles available, from compact cars to spacious SUVs, you’ll find the perfect fit for your needs without breaking the bank. Experience convenience without compromise.

VehicleRentFuel & Toll
Toyota Prado20000/-Not included
Land Cruiser30000/-Not included
Fortuner18000/-Not included
Revo16000/-Not included
Kia Sportage12000/-Not included
Audi A635000/-Not included
Corolla5000/-Not included
Civic8000/-Not included
Wagon R3500/-Not included
Honda BRV7500/-Not included
Suzuki Cultus4000/-Not included

Luxury Cars on Rent for a Wedding Event

Are you looking for luxury cars to rent for a wedding in Johar Town? Royal Motors offers premium wedding car rental services. Choose from elegant options like Toyota Prado, Audi A6, and Mercedes. Moreover, our professional team ensures a great experience. However, despite the luxury, prices remain affordable. Enjoy a cheap yet classy car hire for your special day.
Royal Motors takes pride in making your wedding memorable. With our range of luxury cars, you’ll arrive in style. Whether it’s a grand entrance or a stylish exit, we’ve got you covered.
Moreover, professional chauffeurs provide the best rent-a-car service. Your safety and comfort are top priorities. Renting a wedding car in Johar Town with Royal Motors guarantees a reliable experience. Furthermore, our fleet is well-maintained, ensuring reliability and comfort. Make your wedding day even more special with a luxury car rental from Royal Motors. Book now for an unforgettable experience.

13 and 28 seater Hiace and Coasters Available for Rent in Johar Town

Looking for 13 and 28-seater Hiace and Coasters for rent in Johar Town? Royal Motors offers reliable car hire services. Choose from a 13-seater Hiace Grand Cabin or a 28-seater Coaster Bus. Moreover, we cater to various occasions like tours, family trips, and weddings. However, despite the size, their rates remain competitive. Enjoy spacious and comfortable transportation for your group. Royal Motors ensures a safe and reliable experience.
Furthermore, our vehicles are the latest model and well-maintained for reliability. Make your journey memorable with Royal Motors’ fleet of Hiace and Coasters. Book now for a convenient and enjoyable trip.

Rent Per Day is 16000/-Rent Per Day is 11000/-
Fuel & Toll (not included)Fuel & Toll (not included)
Timing is 12 Hours a dayTiming is 12 Hours a day
Seating Capacity is 28Seating Capacity is 13

One Way Car Rental Services

Looking for a one-way car rental from Johar Town? Royal Motors offers intercity car service. Travel from Lahore to Islamabad, Multan, or Sialkot safely. Moreover, the one-way rental service is convenient and reliable. However, rates are competitive, ensuring affordability for customers. Enjoy a comfortable journey with Royal Motors. Book now for a seamless experience.

Johar Town Lahore to Islamabad17000/-
Johar Town Lahore to Multan16000/-
Johar Town Lahore to Sialkot15000/-
Johar Town Lahore to Karachi55000/-
Johar Town Lahore to Sahiwal14000/-
Johar Town Lahore to Gujranwala12000/-

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the rent per day for a Toyota Corolla in Johar Town Lahore?

Toyota Corolla rent per day is PKR 5000/- within the city and 6000-9000 out of the city.

Which is the best rent-a-car service provider in Johar Town Lahore?

Royal Motors is the best rent-a-car service provider in Johar Town. Moreover, we are the cheapest as well.

How to rent a car in Johar Town?

Contact Royal Motors and Rent a Car and ask for your rental needs.

What is the Toyota Prado rent for a wedding event in Johar Town?

Toyota Prado rent for a Wedding event in Johar Town is PKR 16000/-. However, if you want to book for a whole day the rent may vary.

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