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Royal Motors Rent a Car Tours takes you on a memorable tour of northern Pakistan’s unique landscapes. Our reliable vehicles make exploring Murree, Swat, Naran, Gilgit, and Kashmir easy and enjoyable. we have hired skilled drivers to ensure your safety and comfort when exploring off-road trails or viewing breathtaking mountains. Our rental cars have experienced drivers who can navigate the region’s numerous terrain, making them ideal for family holidays, friends, colleagues, and school travels. From the beautiful valleys of Hunza to the rocky beauty of Skardu, Royal Motors & Rent a Car Tours is your dependable companion in Northern Pakistan.

rent a car for tours of northern areas of Pakistan from royal motors. we are offering 10% off.

Rent a Car Prices for the Tours

Vehicle type3 Days Package5 Days Package
Toyota Corolla21,000/-32,500/-
Honda City21,000/-32,500/-
Honda Civic27,000/-40,000/-
Honda BRV27,000/-40,000/-
Land Cruiser105,000/-150,000/-
Coaster Saloon60,000/- 90,000/-

Note: The car rental prices for the tour do not include the fuel and toll costs. Moreover, the driver’s food and accommodation are your responsibility, or else you will have to pay the 2,000/- day to the driver.

Safety Features at Royal Motors & Rent a Car For Tours

At Royal Motors Rent a Car, safety is our top priority, so our rental cars are equipped with the latest safety features to ensure a secure journey for our customers. From advanced braking systems to multiple airbags and stability control, our vehicles are designed to provide peace of mind on every road trip. Additionally, our drivers undergo rigorous training to uphold the highest professionalism and safety standards. With years of experience navigating the roads of Pakistan’s diverse landscapes, our drivers prioritize caution and adherence to traffic regulations. Whether you’re embarking on a family vacation or a corporate retreat, you can trust Royal Motors & rent a car for tours to deliver a safe and reliable rental car experience, backed by our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

The Places of Northern Areas Where Our Rental Cars Go Often

Visitors to Pakistan’s northern regions can tour some of the most stunning scenery in Royal Motors’ rental cars. Our tour vehicles are often seen on the winding roads of Murree, Swat, and Naran. Which are renowned tourist destinations. Our rental vehicles also explore Gilgit’s steep mountains and tranquil lakes. To the north, our drivers master the difficult routes to Hunza and Skardu, letting clients see their breathtaking landscapes and rich culture. Royal Motors & rent a Car for Tours is your trusty partner for wonderful Northern Pakistani adventure, leisure, and cultural exploration.

Rent a Car for Islamabad One Day Trip From Lahore Prices

You can also rent a car from Lahore to Islamabad for a day tour at affordable prices. you may leave Lahore early morning visit the places in Islamabad of your choosing, and return before midnight.

Toyota Corolla 35,000/-
Honda Civic45,000/-
Honda BRV45,000/-
Hiace Grand Cabin75,000/-

Note: The listed rates include all the the expenses (fuel, toll, rent) etc.

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